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Evenheat Kilns
Studio Pro 14


Studio Pro 14

The Studio Pro 14 is one of the latest additions to Evenheat's line of 120V, personal sized kilns and features a Dual Access Design. The Studio Pro 14 offers more in performance, design and flexibility than any other kiln in its class.

Like the Original Studio Pro, the design of the Studio Pro 14 was driven by the demands of glass work. Glass work is a fairly active process. It relies heavily on visual cues, opening and closing while firing, fast action and all sorts of movement. It's a lot of fun and the Studio Pro 14 only adds to the enjoyment. It doesn't hinder, compromise or get in the way. It just works well.

The Studio Pro 14 also works very well in the more traditional firing styles such as metal clays, low fire ceramics, enamels and china painting. While not as active as glass, these types of firings do require a kiln that's properly designed and built for use. Since the Studio Pro 14 is an Evenheat design, you know you're getting that as well.

The Studio Pro 14 will fire any ware up to 1650°F (900°C)
Chamber Size: 14.5" W x 14.5" L x 6.5" Deep, 0.80 cubic feet.

- Front Access
- Top Access
- Wonderful Handles
- Wall-Free Design
- Set-Pro w/ Express Mode
- Multi-Position Lid Vent
- Engineered Element Path
- Corner Mounting Technique
- Bench Top Operation
- Floor Stand Included
- Power Cord Exits to Rear
- Properly Sized Stand

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Furniture Kit #7503

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Description Retail Your Price Quantity
120 Volt with the
Set- Pro Controller
$1090 $872
120 Volt with the
RM3 Controller
$1265 $1012
240 Volt with the
Set- Pro Controller
$1240 $992
240 Volt with the
RM3 Controller
$1410 $1128
16" Stand   $64
Furniture Kit 7503   $58


Features, Specifications and Other Fun Stuff

Control Options:

The Studio Pro 14 kiln is available with the built-in Rampmaster 3 Automatic Controller or the Set-Pro Automatic Controller.

Firing Chamber Dimensions:

114.5" W x 14.5" L x 6.5" Deep, 0.80 cubic feet

Voltage and Phase Configurations:

120V, 15A, 1800W, NEMA 5-15R

240V single phase, 10A, 2400W, NEMA 6-20R


All firing up to 1650F (900C). The Studio Pro 14 finds use in China and Porcelain painting, Ceramics and Glass work.

Shipping Weight:

130 lb.

Agency Listings and Markings:

U/L listed and CU/L listed. 
CU/L is a Canadian Listing which is accepted by authorities in all Provinces.

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