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Evenheat Kilns
Studio Pro 8


Studio Pro

The Studio Pro features our Dual Access Design. The Dual Access Design combines traditional front and top loading features into one, truly revolutionary kiln.

The Studio Pro gives you all the advantages of both front and top access in a single, dual hinged design that's smooth and precise. The Studio Pro offers more in performance and flexibility than any other kiln in its class.

Studio Pro Specifications

8 W x 8 L x 4.5" D,  .17 cubic feet
(20.3cm W x 20.3cm L x 11.4cm D, 4.8L)

North American Electrical Specifications:
Operating Voltage: 120V
Amperage: 12A
Watts: 1440W
Cord Plug: NEMA 5-15P (Standard Household Plug)

Global Electrical Specifications:
Operating Voltage: 230V
Amperage: 9.6A
Watts: 2208W

Maximum Usable Temperature: 1800F (982C)
Ship Weight: 30lb. (13.6kg)


Features & Design


Studio Pro Features

Dual Access Design - Front Access

The Studio Pro combines both front and top access into one, truly revolutionary design.

Front access is perfect for ware placement, particularly with ware that cannot be disturbed once placed on a shelf. Simply build on your shelf and close the chamber. Wide open access also allows for the use on many manipulation tools such as raking. There's no need to contort or compromise - it's wide open!

The Studio Pro's Dual Access Design offers the best of both worlds in one kiln.




Studio Pro Features

Dual Access Design - Top Access

Top access is excellent for venting. Top access also works very well when loading tall pieces such as forms and comes in very handy when using manipulation tools that require a vertical approach such as glass embossing.




Studio Pro Features

Disassembly Not Required for Use

The Studio Pro is designed as a complete unit. There are no parts to remove in order to use it. Both the Lid and Chamber are hinged and simply swing open and closed.

One Complete Unit
Nothing to Take Off or Put Back On




Studio Pro Features

Smooth Hinge Action for
Precision and Confidence

There are never any alignment problems when closing the Studio Pro for firing. Both the lid and chamber come down in the same place every time, all the time. There's no guessing, no messing and no bumping, just a butter smooth transition.

The 120V, standard household power cable on the Studio Pro exits the control panel to the rear. This keeps it away from the kiln chamber and doesn't clutter up your work area.

Alignment is Never a Problem




Studio Pro Features

Multi-Position Lid Vent System

The Studio Pro is fitted with a two position lid vent. Lid venting is great when you're firing off adhesives or binders. It's also great for speeding up the cooling process. The lid vent on the Studio Pro positions the lid at approximately 1/2" and 1". Just lift and swivel to the height you want.

Two Position Lid Vent




Studio Pro Features

Handles of Proper Size and Shape

Who thinks of handles? Well, we do.

Our lid handle was chosen for its long, narrow style and offset mounting position. It's perfect for hooking your fingers underneath to lift and lower. As a bonus, the lid handle may be moved to the right side of the lid if you prefer.

The chamber handle is a different style all together. It's beefy, centered design gives a confident grip for the opening and closing of the firing chamber.

Nice Handles - They Work Well




Studio Pro Features

Attached Pyrometer

The pyrometer on the Studio Pro is attached directly to the control panel. Unlike table top pyrometers, our attached pyrometer stays out of the way. There are no wires to avoid or get tangled in, it won't fall off the table, it's always in the same place and it never needs batteries.

Attached Pyrometer Stays Out of the Way




Studio Pro Features

Infinite Control Switch w/ Pilot Light

The Studio Pro is equipped with an infinite switch for temperature regulation. It sets from low to high and all points in between. It's very easy to use. We've also included a pilot light that illuminates whenever the switch is turned on.

Infinite Switch and Pilot Light




Studio Pro Features

Optional Viewing Window

The Studio Pro is available with our optional Viewing Window. The viewing window offers a view of the entire floor of the Studio Pro. You can see from corner to corner and edge to edge. Especially great for glass work. It's an option you're sure to love.

Large Viewing Window for Full Viewing




Studio Pro Features

Suitable for All Types of Firing

The design of the Studio Pro was driven by the demands of glass work. Glass work is a fairly active process. It relies heavily on visual cues, opening and closing while firing, fast action and all sorts of movement. It's a lot of fun and the Studio Pro only adds to the enjoyment. It doesn't hinder, compromise or get in the way. It just works well.

The Studio Pro also works very well in the more traditional firing styles such as metal clays, low fire ceramics, enamels and china painting. While not as active as glass, these types of firings do require a kiln that's properly designed and built for use. Since the Studio Pro is an Evenheat design, you know you're getting that as well.

The Studio Pro will fire any ware up to 1800F (982C)

Operates from a Standard Household Outlet

The North American Studio Pro consumes 12A at 120V and operates from a standard 15A household outlet (NEMA 5-15).

The Global Studio Pro consumes 9.2A at 220V, 9.6A at 230V and 10A at 240V


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Infinite Control Switch
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Infinite Control Switch
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Set-Pro Controller
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Infinite Control Switch
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Infinite Control Switch
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Set-Pro Controller
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Set-Pro Controller
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