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Evenheat Kilns
TGK GT 4050


TGK GT 4050

Evenheat's best selling kiln in Europe is now available for your home studio. Favored for it's rectangular shape and ability to reach temperature easily, the GT 4050 performs well in any glass situation. The GT 4050 is capable of all glass firing techniques up to 1650°F including fusing, slumping, painting and casting.

Chamber Size: 19.8" W x 15.8" L x 6.5" Deep, 1.2 cubic feet.

The GT 4050 is designed to fire glass and is quite capable of all glass related firing up to 1650°F (900°C), such as painting, fusing, slumping, casting, etc. It should be noted that the GT 4050 is designed to fire a single layer or shelf. The nature of the GT 4050 is to provide heat from the lid elements directly to the shelf containing the glass. Attempting to fire glass below the top shelf is likely to lead to frustration and disappointment.

While the GT 4050 is designed exclusively for glass work it is possible to fire a variety of materials including metal clays, low fire ceramic, china paints and metals processing provided the firing temperatures do not exceed 1650°F.


- Set-Pro w/ Express Mode
- Swing View Adjustable control
- Wide Lid Handle
- Full Stainless Jacket
- Corner Mounting Technique
- Properly Sized Stand
- Responsive Thermocouples
- Standard 16" Stand
- Excellent Temperature Distribution

Options Include:

  • Power Interrupt Switch

    Recommended Kiln Furniture (Shelving & Posts)

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    Description Retail Your Price Quantity
    240 Volt with
    Set-Pro Controller
    $1360 $1088
    Lid Power Interrupt Switch Factory Installed   $111
    8" Stand   $64
    16" Stand   $66

    Features, Specifications and Other Fun Stuff

    Power Interrupt Option:

    The GT 4050 is available with the Power Interrupt Option (a.k.a. lid switch). The Power Interrupt Option removes power from all heating elements as the door is opened and reapplies power as the door is closed. Those wishing to enter the kiln during firing should strongly consider requesting this option as an added measure of safety.

    Firing Chamber Dimensions:

    19.8" W x 15.8" L x 6.5" Deep, 1.2 cubic feet

    Voltage and Phase Configurations:

    240V single phase, 15A, 3600W, NEMA 6-20R


    All firing up to 1650F (900C). The GT 4050 finds use in China and Porcelain painting, Ceramics and Glass work.

    Shipping Weight:

    135 lb.

    Agency Listings and Markings:

    U/L listed and CU/L listed. CU/L is a Canadian Listing which is accepted by authorities in all Provinces.

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