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Evenheat Kilns
HF 1818

HF 1818

The HF 1818 offers high fire capability in a personal studio size.

The HF 1818 is constructed of 3" brick for greater efficiency at "high fire" temps. It's equipped with our RampMaster II computerized control. It's easy to program and simple to use. Because it fires automatically, it gives you the freedom to go about your day without having to babysit the kiln. As with all of our automatic kilns, the heating elements have been specially engineered to provide excellent temperature uniformity and consistency.

Unlike other kilns in the HF Line the HF 1818 is NOT fitted with a Lift Assist device.

Recommended Kiln Furniture (Shelving & Posts):
Furniture Kit #7520

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Cone 10 capable
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Cone 10 capable
$1745 $1396
Furniture Kit
Furniture Kit #7520   $154


Features, Specifications and Other Fun Stuff

Control Options:

The HF 1818 is standard equipped with the RampMaster II automatic control. The RampMaster II control is our full-featured, automatic temperature control. Multiple programs, multiple programming formats and all sorts of fun stuff make the RampMaster II one fine controller!!

Firing Chamber Dimensions and Options:

17.5" diameter x 18" deep - 2.7 cubic feet.

Voltage and Phase Configurations:

North American and Global Models:

240V single phase, 28A, 6672W, NEMA 6-50R
208V single phase, 27A, 5616W NEMA 6-50R

NEMA 6-50R


2350F (1288C) Maximum temperature suitable for Ceramic, Porcelain, Pottery and China Firing. Rated for Cone 10!!

Shipping Weight:

180 lb.


Kiln Vent:

Evenheat offers the Orton Downdraft Vent System as an option.
The Orton Vent System is, by far, the finest kiln venting system available.

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