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Orton Vent Master


Orton Vent Master

The Orton Vent Master is designed to vent the kiln while providing a fresh source of air (oxygen).

Available as an option on most Good Kiln and Evenheat Kiln models.

See below for further details and to order.


Orton Vent Master Operation

How does the Orton Vent Master Work?

A small amount of air is drawn into and through the kiln, collecting fumes and odors while improving firing conditions. Small holes in the kiln lid let air into the kiln. Air is drawn through the kiln drawing fumes and odors out through the floor. The removed gases are then exhausted through ducting to the outside.

Where does it Attach to the Kiln?

There are some vent holes which must be drilled into the floor and lid. We know, it's a new kiln and you don't want to drill holes in it. We don't blame you, but it has to be done. Ordering your new Evenheat complete with a vent system relieves you of the need to drill. We'll do it for you!! The Vent Master fits underneath the kiln using a small intake plenum. Simply position the plenum under the kiln, taking care to position it within the vent hole area and tighten the turnbuckle for a snug fit.

Why is it important to vent the Kiln?

Many fired products contain organic materials that consume oxygen during the early portion of the firing. Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are formed. New air is needed to replace the oxygen that is used.

Many fired products require an oxygen atmosphere to develop properly. Oxygen helps produce brighter and more vibrant colors, especially reds, golds, lusters and decals. Oxygen also allows for the complete burnout of organics which reduces glaze fit problems like crazing. It also eliminates porcelain mildew due to carbon.


Will it fit on my kiln?

Generally, yes. Most kilns do offer an open area between the bottom of the kiln and floor surface. It's this area that is used for the Vent Master kiln vent.

The Orton VentMaster System

The vent system includes:

  • Motor and blower housing
  • 3 foot high-temperture hose
  • Collector cup
  • Hose clamps
  • Installation Instructions
  • Sample cones included for test firing
  • Can handle 1 optional Expansion Kit

Motor Specs:
  • 120 Volt, 60 Hz, 1.1 amp
  • or 208-240 Volt, 60 Hz 0.7 amp
  • CE Certified /ETL listed.
Vent Master Expansion Kit

VentMaster Expansion Kit

This kit allows you to vent another kiln at a fraction of the cost of a new vent.

Kit includes:

  • Collector Cup
  • 3 foot high-temperature hose
  • Clamps
Vent Master Extender Kit

VentMaster Extender Kit

The Vent Master Extender Kit extends the distance between the blower motor and the collector cup.

Kit includes:

  • 3 foot high-temperature hose
  • Coupler
  • Two clamps
Excellent for mounting the vent higher on the wall.

(Maximum recomended length between Collector cup and motor blower is 25 Feet.)

Voltage Price Quantity  
120 Volt $450
208-240 Volt $450
Price Quantity  
Price Quantity  

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