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I have raised rabbits for about 40 years. I've raised twelve different breeds recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). I have studied their genetics - not just their coat color, but also size, shape, health, fertility, and disposition. I am familiar with rabbit anatomy, diseases, and cures. Don't get the impression that I know everything there is to know about rabbits, because I'm always learning new things about them. Other breeders are a wealth of information. Never let an opportunity pass by to find out more about rabbits from different breeders.

The purpose of this web site is to educate you about raising rabbits for show, meat, or possibly, pet. You may learn the basics or go into whatever depth you want to.

There are three groups of people who keep rabbits -

  • those who raise rabbits on a farm for the purpose of supplying meat, fur, or rabbits to various markets.
  • those who raise rabbits mostly for fun, show, and supplying breeding stock.
  • those who raise only one or two rabbits as pets in either their house or backyards.

This site is mainly geared for the first two types of people. If you are in the third group, you will find a lot of information here to help you know about how rabbits are raised by the other two groups. You may be offended in the way these two groups view the breeding, sale, or culling of stock. Consider that these two groups are acting in the same manner as any farmer or breeder of show stock would act. If you are offended, especially if you are an animal rights activist, do not read any further, but please go to the House Rabbit Society page.

I am no longer answering questions by e-mail. I am just too busy. Sorry. Most of your questions can be answered by thoroughly reading all of my web pages. Be sure to check out my Rabbit Raising Questions page.

Dr. Mark Waldo

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