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All mold prices listed are already discounted. They will range from 20% to 25% depending on the manufacturer. See each individual mold for the appropriate discount. There is a column in the mold listing showing your discount. Sometimes a particular brand of mold is made by different manufacturers giving different discounts. An example of this is the Byron brand, different molds being made by 3 different manufacturers.

Kilns typically have a 20% discount. As with the molds, the suggested retail price and your discounted price are displayed. In regards to all other items, if there is a discount, it will be stated next to the item. Large quantities may possibly be discounted more- check with the manufacturer first.

Orders from Outside the United States.

We accept orders from anywhere in the world for delivery only to a U.S. address..You may have us ship to a friend or forwarding company in the U.S. that will re-ship the items out of the country to you. Payment is to be in U.S. Dollars.

Shipping Charges. and Submitting Money.

We only accept on-line orders. We do not accept telephone orders so that accuracy is not compromised.

We accept all major credit cards, and we accept debit cards issued from U.S. Banks as payment for your purchases. These must clear before you order is processed.


  • Books & Catalogs. Shipping charges for your entire book / catalog order is $8.00 for orders up to $24.and $15 for orders over $24.
  • Molds and Kilns. Actual cost of shipping & handling will be ultimately charged. When your order is placed we will first charge you an estimated shipping & handling charge. This amount will be adjusted by either refunding or charging you more when we receive the bill from the manufacturer.

    All molds and kilns are shipped to you directly from the manufacturer.

    Note that these estimated shipping amounts (not the acutal shipping amounts) are approximate and are figured only for deliveries to the Continental United States. You must double these rates for Hawaii and Alaska. We do not ship to U.S. territories nor to any addresses outside the United States including military addresses overseas except for books & catalogs. Remember that any excess shipping that you have paid will be refunded to you by credit card.

    We ship nothing but literature. The manufacturers ship everything else directly to your doorThe following table represents the ESTIMATED shipping & handling charges for MOLDS we initially charge your card. If you live on or near the coastal states, the ACTUAL shipping & handkling will probably be more than the ESTIMATED amount initially taken out. Molds coming from Starlite and Riverview are at the higher prices taken out. Orders from Shiloh, NBE and Doc Holliday Colors are at the lower end of the estimate. Other manufacturers may be somewhere in-between. Please do not complain about what is initially charged for extimated shipping. You will be charged ACTUAL shipping & handling when we are billed by the manufacturers and we know the actual charges. If you complain about actual shipping & handling, we will assume that you are calling us liars and you will not be able to order from us again. If you have to complain, complain to UPS, the real culprit in keeping prices high any way they can, including charging you if you made a small mistake in your address.

    Order Size from

    Estimated Shipping
    Depending on Manufacturer

    $1 - $26 $12 - $26
    $27 - $40 80% - 100% of the total
    $41 - $60 70% - 90% of the total
    $61 - $149 60% - 80% of the total
    $150-299 50% - 70% of the total
    $300 up 40% - 70% of the total


  • Insurance/Breakage. Mold and Kiln shipments are insured for the full amount of the order. Breakage in shipment must be reported and substantiated immediately to us so that we can replace the mold or kiln. It is best to email us about the problem so that we can forward it to the manufacturer.
  • Returns/Credits. All orders are custom made for an individual,whether they be molds or kilns. Nothing is sitting on the shelves, ready to ship. That is why it takes some time to ship your individual order. Because the manufacturerss refuse to store items that are custom-made due to their lack of room and because they don't know if a custom-made item could be sold to someone else the molds and kilns they make must be shipped out and they will not accept returns. This is true with most companies that custom-make items for people. It's like a person commissioning a portrait and then refusing to pay for it for no other reason than they just changed their mind after the portrait has been made.

    With that being said, you may cancel any part of your order before your order is made. After your order is made, the sale is final. There are no refunds or returns. If an item is defective, it is the manufacturer's responsiblity to replace or repair it or, at their option, tell us to refund your money. You must notify us or the manufacturer about the problem. Items returned to either us or the manufacturer without our consent will be considered as gifts and you will not be reimbursed. If you ordered the wrong item, thought you were getting bisque or the finished product or ordered a kiln with the wrong voltage or phase, or you changed your mind, you are stuck with your order. If you receive your order but part or all of it was damaged in shipping, and you did not claim it damaged within one week from your receipt, you may be charged for repair or replacement. Upon timely notification to us or the manufacturer, items damaged in shipment are replaced by the manufacturer at no charge without your having to ship the item back. Kilns that are damaged in shipment or defective are taken care of by the kiln manufacturer.

Order Confirmation.

If you have given us a correct email address, you will receive a confirmation of your order as soon as you submit your order. This is a computer-generated receipt issued by the company that processes our online orders. We receive your order by email from that company and then we compute your estimated shipping & handling charges and charge your card and email you a pending receipt. When your order is shipped we adjust the amount of shipping & handling to reflect the actual shipping & handling and either refund you card or charge your card more if the difference is $3.00 or more..Books & catalogs are shipped within 2 weeks and you are notified of the shipment by email.