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We offer over 4,200 different molds from 24 companies to search on

Enter a sequence of letters that make up ONE word or part of a word
that might be found in the mold description
or the Mold Number alone without any letters at all.

Example: ornament (not tree ornament) or 37 (not B37 or 37A)

Note: If you get too many results, most of which are not
the word you put in, try typing a space before or after the word.


You May Search the following Companies by checking their boxes
or Go directly to a company's mold listing by clicking its underlined link.

Byron CASCO Ceramichrome Christy
CJ Heinz Hershey Icco
Jamar-Mallory JD Jones Mayco
Nancy NBE Nowell Provincial
RiverView Ross Scioto Shadetree
Shiloh Studio Waers Yozie


If you have a question concerning the molds we offer,
such as shipping costs, delivery time, pictures, sizes, etc.
please read the NOTICE below.
If that section does not answer your question, call or email us.

Ceramic Mold Distributor

Before Emailing Us

Our policies are as follows:

  • We will not email picutres of molds to individuals. If a listing says "No Image Available", we don't have a picture to show you, and, probably, neither does the manufacturer.
  • We will not try to match a picture you email us with specific molds we offer.
  • We will not try to find a mold matching a picture or description you give us.
  • To find a particular mold, use our comprehensive mold search above. Use a simple word for the best search results. Using two or more key words at the same time will require the search to find those exact words just as you typed them and may miss the mold you are looking for because the description is slightly different.
  • Be sure that your question has to do with specific items we have for sale and are listed on our web site. If you are looking for a particular mold or literature and it is not listed on our web site, we do not have it and don't know where you can get it.
  • We do not publish a catalog of what we offer for sale. Everything we sell is listed on our web site. Mold catalogs and ceramic books are available for sale on our Books/Catalogs page.

Mold Shipping Information

DELIVERY TIME OF MOLDS IS BETWEEN 2 AND 10 WEEKS, DEPENDING ON THE MANUFACTURER.. The mold is made in the order received and is not waiting on the shelves ready to ship. Asking us to speed up your order is totally futile, because we have no control over the mold production schedule of the company that is making the mold and they do not like poeple cutting in line ahead of other people who are just as anxiously awaiting the shipping of their molds.

Mold Shipping Costs. On every mold page, at the bottom of the page is a table showing how we calculate the estimated shipping. Please read more about that HERE

For more information on how to make ceramic items,
see Overview of Ceramic Methods from Start to Finish

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